Best Estate Agency Marketing Ideas – increase your sales!

Best Estate Agency Marketing Ideas

What are the best estate agency marketing ideas?


How are you currently marketing your estate agency? With the housing market picking up in many areas, estate agents are looking at different ways to make their businesses stand out. What are the best estate agency marketing ideas for your business?


What marketing are you working on that you don’t need to be involved in? By outsourcing and delegating you can free yourself up to be more involved in growing the business and looking for new properties and sellers. Setting up systems and processes that can then be handed off to others is one part, but you can also contract out some of your marketing.

PR, Advertising, and Digital Marketing can all be handed over to a creative agency or a digital marketing agency. Blogs, social media, and newspaper articles are all marketing ideas that can be delegated, with a full brief, to an agency or freelance worker.


Happy customers are incredibly powerful in marketing. Something as simple as setting up a website page with all your customer recommendations could then be used as a landing page in an advertising campaign. These pages are great for social media content too, either as a generic post or a targeted campaign. And, don’t forget, if you can use video testimonials or a video featuring happy customers, that’s all the more powerful!

Quotes can be pulled out and linked to, or used in images or pictures which are then posted on Twitter. Tweets with images lead to double the standard engagement.

Attracting future customers

Building up relationships with future customers, who may not need your services at the moment, but will do in the future, is a lot easier with social media marketing. Prospective customers can be targeted geographically in Twitter and followed so that you can engage with them. By chatting and offering useful information strong relationships can be built up. Your Estate Agency becomes known as an expert in both property and the local area and when the time comes for your prospective customer to put their house on the market your estate agency will be at the forefront of their mind.

Your best estate agency marketing ideas?

These are just three marketing ideas for estate agents. What are the best estate agency marketing ideas that you have used recently?


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