Content Marketing

In the busy, noisy and at times, confusing digital landscape, your content has to be great if it’s to do the job it needs to do for you and your business.

Great content that is useful and has relevancy to your prospect at the exact point they find themselves in their buying cycle, is content that helps convert strangers into visitors into customers and then into advocates who refer your services and products. Perfect!

So how do you make sure your content is doing that job for you?

The content we create for you will build awareness around your property business and will also build credibility and trust.

How? Well, we will be interesting, entertaining, useful, educational when it calls for it, nurturing and engaging – so that we encourage long term relationships between you and your client – and we will do all this whilst ensuring it’s part of the strategic plan to improve your bottom line and get you more business.

Consumers of all services and products are now spending up to 75% of their path to purchase online – deciding who they will give their business to.

You need to be in their eyeline during this crucial period and that’s why our content is created to be in the right place at the right time for their decision-making process, leading them towards you – rather than your competitors.
Content marketing Services – how we work:

  • We research your audience and find out what they read and where they read it…
  • We create a content calendar plan which integrates with all other activities in your estate agency or property business.
  • We create the right sort of content, including:
    • Blogs
    • Industry news articles & opinion
    • Videos for blogs and social media platforms
    • Landing Pages for PPC & social campaigns
    • Infographics and Images
    • Tips & Advice as lead bait
    • FAQs
    • Testimonials & Case Studies
    • Whitepapers and Reports
    • E-books
    • Free Content as lead bait
    • Reviews

The upshot is high quality content that drives pre-qualified traffic to your website and to your other digital and online assets, with the results that you see more leads and a better return on your investments in digital marketing (ROI)


Content Marketing Funnel

The right mix of content at the right time will mean that you convert more interest and leads into real clients and customers – you’ll take more instructions from vendors and you’ll register more potential buyers!