Estate Agents : Three ridiculously simple ways to improve your social media skills

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Improve your social media skills


As an estate agent running a business, how do you target where to spend your time on social media and marketing? Whether you are marketing your estate agency online or offline, anything that allows you to save time and still get the job done in terms of delivering more leads to your business, is a very good thing indeed! Here are some tools that will help you focus your time on social media and save time whilst doing it.

Find Broken Links

No doubt both your website and your blog have several longtail links and back links, both for SEO and to provide helpful information to prospective vendors and buyers and all your readers. However, have you checked if they are still valid? Going through your website and doing this link by link would be impossible. This handy tool, Online Broken Link Checker, will go through your website and blog and check that all your links are still valid. We’ve tried it on a few websites and it is quick and easy, finding the broken links and where they are on your website. Definitely recommended by the team here.

Link To Other Blog Posts

Finding broken links leads neatly to this. Make sure that you put a link in a blog post to other articles. At least one link should lead to another interesting and relevant article on your blog (and the page you link to should  include the words in the link!). Link to other external blog posts that you find interesting on your subject too. Why? Again, in some instances it’s good for search engine optimisation and improving how you are ranked by the search engines for your keywords – but that’s on the proviso that the links are natural and of good quality. If you work on providing useful and relevant information to your reader, rather than keyword stuffing, you won’t go wrong.

One thing you do need to be careful of, though, is using optimised links in press releases and guest posts though – you can read more on this here in an informative article from Hubspot –  Optimized Links in Press Releases & Guest Posts Can Harm Your SEO, Says Google

Add A Facebook Like Button

Are you looking to encourage likes on  your Facebook page? Add a Facebook like button to various areas of your site. Find out how to add the Facebook like button here. Add it to your website home page, and to your blog. If you have a “thank you” page where you send interested readers who sign up to your mailing list, then add it there too – they have already shown interest in your estate agency and are more likely to like you on Facebook from there.

Try these three simple ways to improve your social media activity and let us know how you get on!




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