Explainer Videos for estate agents – How they work!

What is an Explainer Video?

You’ve probably heard the term ‘Explainer Video’ used in various places around the internet and you’ve almost certainly seen a few! But what are they? An explainer video for estate agents is a short, entertaining, animated online video that aims to explain a specific product such as a free valuation or a property alert service – the clue is in the title!

An effective explainer video is one that will convey the core concept of your product. It will do it in an entertaining way without it seeming like a sales pitch or advertisement.

Why use an Explainer Video?

The human brain is programmed to respond to narrative and language. By mixing new concepts with familiar ones, a story told through video becomes very effective. It is a great way to introduce your products to potential new customers and get a sense of what a company stands for. This gives a customer a reason to remember and care about your business.

Many companies have a tricky time expressing what they do in a concise way.When a customer visits a shop, it is easy to look around and get a good feel of what is on offer. This message can be hard to provide on a website. By harnessing both visual and auditory senses together, short, animated explainer videos for estate agents can increase leads, and potentially turn those leads into vendors.

Because of the simplicity and entertaining nature of video, they are very easy to share. Even if a person or company has no interest in what you are selling or advertising, an entertaining video will still be shared throughout the internet.

Short videos are easy to share on social media! Explainer videos are effective on all social medai from Facebook and Twitter through to Instagram and Vine.

Video for SEO

A professional video has a much greater chance of going ‘viral’ than a well written page of text! It’s simple – if you produce a unique or a funny video, people will want other people to see it and will share with their friends.

Explainer videos are also an excellent way to improve organic search engine optimisation (SEO) as videos are more likely to show up on the first page of a google search.

What makes a good Explainer Video?

There are no ‘rules’ for an explainer video, but there are a series of guidelines that make a successful video explainer to promote your business.

+ Your explainer video needs to long enough to get your point across, but has to be short and snappy. 60 to 90 seconds is a general rule of thumb for successful explainer videos that keep the attention of your viewer.

+ A successful explainer video for estate agents tells a story and is structured as such.

+ A successful explainer video for estate agents will have colourful illustrated graphics.

+ An explainer video needs to have an appropriate voice over. One that tells the story in line with the animations that are on screen.

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Examples of Explainer Videos for estate agents

The following is an animated explainer video for an estate agency based in Maidstone, Kent. This explainer video resulted in a 200% increase in leads over the first 3 months it was used. You can read the estate agent case study here

Do you need an Explainer Video for estate agents?

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