Facebook Advertising for Estate Agents

Facebook Advertising for Estate Agents

Facebook Advertising for Estate Agents should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. It is somewhat surprising that many estate agents don’t use Facebook advertising to its full potential. So, why not? The main reason may be because it looks really complicated. We have a look at how using Facebook advertising for estate agents can work when it’s set up by digital marketing experts.

Can Social Media really help estate agents?

Using social media as part of a targeted marketing strategy can help estate agents to further their reach and find more potential customers. There are approximately 1.6 billion Facebook users and a further 400 million Twitter users. These sort of numbers do not happen by accident or coincidence – it proves that people like to use social media! Your customers are interacting with brands through social media, so it is important to make sure they are not missing you. If implemented correctly, using social media in your marketing can bring remarkable success to your business.

Why do Estate Agents use Facebook?

Facebook is so popular because it is an incredibly useful tool. The ‘wall’ is where it all happens. You can post your photos of new properties or news about your current career opportunities.As well as communicating to your customers, you can also hear back from them in real time. As you build up your content over time, your Facebook profile can become your online catalogue, calendar, photo album and contact list rolled into one. Facebook’s casual, friendly environment makes it a great place to find vendors and buyers, and to build a trustworthy reputation as a helpful and interesting page for those interested in living in your local area – just what you need.

What do we do on Facebook?

It is very important to be active with your organic timeline posts. The key is to use various strategies to stimulate significant interaction. This is not that easy, however; because of the way the Facebook algorithm works. Only 2% to 5% of your fans will see your posts. This is one of the main reasons to use paid Facebook advertising for estate agents.

How do ads differ from normal posts?

Facebook adverts appear like a normal post, but have the word ‘sponsored’ attached to them. These are posts that a company has paid for and they are seen by a lot more people, depending on the quality of the post and how much money is put behind it. Advertising in this way gives you total control over where they appear, to whom they appear and how often they appear. Pretty cool, right?

Facebook just want my money!

We can see why a lot of people might think this, and at first glance it seems that this is what’s happening. It is good business on their part. Money talks, and Facebook advertising is a chance for a company to get real return on investment – if you know what you’re doing! What’s not to like about getting your properties and your agency in front of property owners in your area?

We tried it – doesn’t work!

Facebook can be a complex beast and the only way to know what works is trial and error – within reason. When you are spending your hard earned money on this process, it’s important to see quick results. There is no one-size-fits-approach to success and Facebook don’t generally help as they constantly change the rules! Success in Facebook advertising for estate agents isn’t simply about hitting ‘boost’ and seeing results.With an expert team to support you, you can set realistic goals and measure how well you are achieving your objectives.

What results from Facebook ads?

Facebook advertising for estate agents can yield excellent results due to the specific nature of the people you are targeting.

+  Higher awareness. Get seen by more people, get read about and generate leads for your property lists.

+  Highly targeted audience. Filter your search by interest, lifestyle, demographic, status etc.

+  Usable data. Facebook analytics allow you to see the results of spending your money – and do more of what works.

+  Set specific instructions.Your potential customers can go from your Facebook page direct to your website

Facebook Advertising for Estate Agents

At Property Tweeps, we specialise in Facebook! We know how best to target your specific audience. We know how to test and analyse results. Property Tweeps have graphics team, digital geeks and copy writing experts to get the best out of Facebook advertising.  If you spent the resources we spend on Facebook, you wouldn’t have time to sell any houses!

Above and beyond Facebook, we have the skills to implement and manage your complete social media and digital marketing campaign. So get in touch and see how Property Tweeps use social media to generate warm ,reliable leads into your sales funnel.