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The days when an estate agent could just tweet out links to properties on their books are gone. Social media users are more discerning now, and if a business feed is cluttering up their timeline without providing useful, interesting or shareable content they will quickly unfollow or unlike.

Vine and Twitter

Vine is a micro-video app; ideal for what is known as a micro blogging platform. Vine is an app developed by Twitter that allows users to post short 6 second videos that can be embedded on their Twitter timelines.

Instagram and Facebook

Instagram reacted very quickly to the new kid on the block for sharing visuals. Now owned by Facebook, Instagram, originally a photo sharing site, allows users to post videos up to 15 seconds long. Instagram videos can be shared on Twitter, but not embedded, so these are  more easily shared on Facebook.

Instagram and Vine for Estate Agents

Instagram and Vine are ideal for Estate Agents looking to spice up their social media content. Estate Agents can make short micro-videos of their properties and then share them on the relevant social media. Imagine the power of a quick six second video of a house tweeted out  rather than being bound by a 140 character tweet limit. Or emailing the link to your Facebook post to your vendor. How much more likely are they to share it on their own Facebook wall and encourage their friends and colleagues to share it too?

Advertise your agency with Vine and Instagram

Vine and Instagram don”t have to be restricted to new instructions. You can also use them to shoot short micro-ads for your agency; introducing staff or showing an event in the office. Shoot short little What’s On videos for our local area – these will encourage other local companies to share the posts on their twitter feed or Facebook wall.

Can you think of ways to use these apps to increase interest and encourage vendors to use your agency?


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