PPC – Pay Per Click & Paid Advertising

Pay Per Click is paid advertising on the web. PPC can be used alongside your organic search engine rankings to ensure that you get additional exposure on the internet. Paid search advertising can have you on Page 1 of Google within 1 day and is therefore a very powerful way of getting visitors to your websites.

Is pay per click really effective?

Pay per click services such as Google AdWords have many features to ensure that they offer tangible results for businesses. PPC is highly measurable and trackable so that the effectiveness of all activity is clearly demonstrable, and the platforms offer precise control over where, when and to what audience ads are shown, so you can be sure that your PPC budget is spent in the best possible way.

Can I afford to pay for online advertising?

Online advertising offers immediate, controllable and measurable results, and the cost of advertising is generally low and is often driven by the market – such as the Auction model used by Google AdWords. If your audience is online than it’s vital to spend some of your marketing budget to reach them.

Is it worth hiring a specialist to manage our paid search?

UK businesses have been taking advantage of the internet for several years, so the digital space is quite advanced and competitive. While many online advertising networks are designed to be easy to set up and use, they often have many powerful complex features that are best understood an optimized by professionals. When advertising in a mature competitive market, good results can be hard to achieve for beginners which often makes it seem like PPC doesn’t work. By hiring a paid search expert, you will notice a huge difference in the cost and the results.