Social Media for Estate Agents – Creating a social media content strategy

Social Media Content strategy

Social Media updates


How often do you update your social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook? Too little and you are in danger of not being at the uppermost of your audience’s mind – too much and about the wrong stuff, and you are in danger of being unfollowed or blocked. How do you make sure that your message is out there and seen by those that matter?

Frequency of posting on Social Media.

How often you post depends on the social media platform that you use. We recommend that on Twitter you post between 6-10 times a day, spread out over the day (this doesn’t include retweets of others or @ replies and chats).

On Facebook, post between 1-3 times a day. Don’t post all your Twitter updates to your Facebook wall– it is too much info for Facebook, it’s lazy, and it clutters up your Liker’s newsfeeds & walls – they may hide your updates or unlike your page.

What should you post on Facebook and Twitter

Mix it up between articles that you’ve read that you think that your followers might find interesting, local news stories and questions. You don’t always have to keep it relevant to estate agency issues either. Post about local businesses and local issues / stories for instance. If your Twitter timeline is just full of houses on your books, people may skim your tweets. By keeping it varied and interesting, people will look out for and read what you have to say. Encourage interaction and chat by asking questions, and answering and chatting with others.

Facebook should always have a visual aspect to the posts. For a good content strategy on Facebook post videos and pictures as reserach shows that visual posts are far more likely to be shared and to encourage engagement. Share fellow local businesses’ Facebook posts too because this will bring you to their attention as well as to the attention of their Likers, if they answer your comments on their page. Like and comment on other local Facebook pages that interest you – the owners of that page will hopefully do the same for your Facebook posts

TV Tweeting on Social Media

Posting on Facebook and Twitter is normally best done between 8am and 8pm – working and commuting hours. However, this is very dependent on your target audience. For instance, if there is a relevant television programme that your desired audience will be watching, you can tweet during that programme to find some new accounts to follow, and your presence in the discussions will encourage others to follow you.  Whole new businesses are being started to deal with the social aspect of TV Tweeting & television tweetalongs – how long before this Twitter as a television remote control is expanded to the UK?

Another time to ensure you are posting and tweeting outside business hours is if your area or industry has a regular #hour. There is a large list here of timings for local businesses to network and chat on Twitter

Updating your social media strategy

By reviewing your activity and the results you get, you will find the social media strategy that works for you and your business. Have you started work on a social media strategy for your company?


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