Social Media

How can social media bring you new clients?

You’ll want to understand how social media can bring more business to your business – otherwise, why would you spend money and resources on any social media marketing for your estate agency?

When we work with our clients we start with that in mind. Our digital marketing services for estate agents and property businesses are based on getting results and that starts with a strategy – a strategy that will be tailored exactly to your business and your area. We’ll identify what you want to achieve with your digital marketing, and then what part social media will play in getting those results for you.
Unlike many other agencies and social media “experts”, we won’t do anything until we know exactly how we’re going to achieve the results we’ve agreed are achievable, and then we’ll agree how we will report & measure our activity to you each month

Does a strategy make a difference?

Yes – your property business will get better results from your social media marketing activity. We know from experience and our case studies that our strategic approach will get the results you want once it’s integrated with your overall marketing and business objectives.

We’ll also work with you to establish a model of how social media marketing can deliver meaningful results – and then train your in-house staff to take over once it’s established, if that’s how you’d like it to work in the longer term.

What social channels really work for Estate Agents?

Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook can be very helpful for reaching highly targeted audiences who are interested in property, and engaging with people on social channels gives the possibility of building positive relationships with clients that put your agency at the top of their list.

Attract more house sellers and landlords to your estate agency

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