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Using infographics for marketing

Estate Agents – Are you using infographics for marketing?


Data is everywhere. So much data pumped out as everyone looks for ways to stand out among competitors. We all love data as it’s interesting and can help us spot trends but it can be so … dry. Thank goodness for infographics!

What are infographics?

Complex information can be difficult to explain to an audience using the data alone. Infographics – mix of data, graphics, and text analysis –  overcome this by presenting the information graphically in a way that is interesting, easily understood,  The more visually attractive you make it when creating and using infographics for marketing then the more likely it is to be read, enjoyed, and shared.

Infographics as marketing tools

Have a look at all your favourite blogs and websites, See how everything is divided up? There are no paragraphs longer than three sentences, no big huge swathes of text unbroken by headers. Even the BBC News stories are presented this way. That’s deliberate; people are loathe to wade through tons of information that’s seen as being too “slabby”, especially if they are unsure what they are looking for.

This is where using infographics for marketing is a powerful tool. You can decide how to present the information in a way most pleasing to your market, and tailor your infographics to different sectors. You can create infographics around information that your customers and house vendors actually want.

What makes infographics so useful and compelling?


Get your design right, use attractive fonts, pictures, and graphics and you’ll have something that looks great and makes people want to read. It’s compelling content for your digital marketing.

Markets your estate agency

Creating an infographic in your company colours, with your company logo, and marked with your web address will make you stand out. It places you as an expert in the subject and somebody that knows their business and area. It’s very powerful in building up a level of trust with potential house vendors. Of course, when using infographics for marketing, this is the end result that you are looking for.


Whether you are flicking through a newspaper, TV Channel hopping, or scrolling quickly though a social media timeline a picture will make you stop and take more notice. Pack that picture with eye-catching information, and using infographics for marketing makes sense.

Shareable content

An attractive infographic, with useful information of interest to your target market, is more likely to be shared on social media. The further your shareable content travels, the better for your marketing!

Drives traffic to your website

As people share your infographic, it will drive traffic to your website. The link to the infographic will be shared, or the embed codes, driving readers to your website. Putting in place an effective digital media marketing funnel for first time visitors could lead to them placing business with your agency.

Will you be using infographics for marketing?

If you have ever shared or linked to an infographic then you know how useful they can be. Are you thinking of using infographics for marketing? What do you think of the way that they can drive website traffic,raise awareness of your agency, and help you share interesting compelling digital content?