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Responsive websites for Estate Agents

A ‘responsive’ design is one that works great on desktop, tablet or as a mobile website. Responsive elements re-size, re-order or disappear altogether depending upon the size of screen the site is loaded on. This means you can have one feature rich website that caters for all screen sizes.

Redesign or refresh your site?

The performance of many businesses depends on the website and there are many factors in play, but often the website is judged as a whole… either as a success, or more often, a frustration.
Frustration in the design and construction of your website could be down to search engine performance, user experience, lead generation, and conversion – but often a new design isn’t the answer. Using website analytics and usability testing you can work out if a website is fundamentally flawed or simply in need of some smaller enhancements.

Website services for Estate Agents

Our services can help you make the most from your online presence, from helping you determine how well your site is performing, to helping you target your site to better appeal to your audience and complement your service.

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