What makes a good website for estate agents?

Here at Property Tweeps, we pride ourselves in being digital marketing specialists for the property industry. We work in a diverse range of areas in digital marketing for estate agents including social media, SEO, email campaigns and website construction and maintenance. We know what makes a good website for estate agents, and today we share our top tips.

What features make for a good website for estate agents?

There are a few obvious things that your website must have. Easy search and access to properties comes top of the list.A good website for estate agents will always have everything the potential buyer needs to know. This includes details about location, schools, transportation as well as the house itself. There should also be high definition photographs that compliment the descriptions and showcase the property in an appealing way. This includes pictures of floor plans. A good website for estate agents will also have social buttons. This allows you to share your potential new property on social media. This is good for your engagement numbers and for ensuring you reach the widest possible audience of vendors and buyers.

good website for estate agents

Aside from these obvious features, what makes a good website for estate agents?

Prominent Search Function

the majority of people coming to your website will use the property search function within seconds. The property search function is your primary Call-To-Action so it needs to be an appropriate size and displayed prominently.

good website for estate agents

Responsive Web Design

In 2016 with the plethora of computer monitors, laptops, smartphones and tablets, a responsive web design is essential. A responsive website is one that will adapt to the screen it is being displayed on. Not only is this the best way to deliver the best user experience across all devices, but it is favoured by Google and will boost your SEO as a result. This means people will find you more easily when they search for an estate agent in their area.

With an increasing amount of people visiting estate agents websites through mobile devices, responsiveness is really an essential feature of a good website for estate agents. If you need to test how you fare then check with a good website design agency...

good website for estate agents

User Friendly

User-friendliness is something that sounds obvious, but is overlooked more often that you might think. Your website needs to be easy to use – easy for everyone.

Having great usability will means that your potential customers won’t have to think too much about what they are doing, they shouldn’t have to wait or get distracted. This means that they won’t decide not to business with you on the grounds that you have a frustrating website. If your site takes longer than 7 seconds to load you will lose business.

The key to building a user-friendly website is to know your customers and to know how they use your website. Software such as HotJar can allow you to map where people hover on your website.

good website for estate agents

Clear Navigation

Very few people visiting your website will want to do too much by the way of exploration. The modern internet user wants information quickly and directly in front of them. Make sure that the navigation on your website is clear and well organised. Your site needs to be structured in a way that it flows as if the customer is on a journey.

A good website for estate agents will have primary navigation that must include a Home button, Property Search, Sales, Lettings (if applicable), Services, About Us and Contact Us. These are the pages users are most likely to want to visit, so make sure it is right in front of them.

good website for estate agents

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good website for estate agents

The good news is that once you have their attention, you are more likely to convert their interest into sales, and you’ll be the first agent that springs to mind when they decide to sell their own property!

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